EARTH [Campsite A]: 5-Day/4-night campsite reservation, 30' x 72'

EARTH [Campsite A]: 5-Day/4-night campsite reservation, 30' x 72'

350.00 550.00

One 30' x 72' campsite spot with access to water, portable restrooms, and garbage. One spot is permitted for 2 vehicles (or 4 motorcycles) and 8 people.


This reservation is for 5 days/4 nights (Aug 18th - Aug 22nd), at the selected campsite and spot.

 An " [R] " next to the site number means it has been reserved.

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Campsites spots are within the designated campsite location (e.g. spot 'B1' is in 'Campsite B') and are selected upon arrival. Spot selection is based on the 'site' selected and according to the corresponding campsite map. A spot is 30' x 72' and are permitted for 2 vehicles and up to 8 people. More vehicles or people will require purchasing additional spots.

All sites will be located near portable restrooms and garbage dumpsters, for your convenience.

Conditions will be dry and dusty with no shade. Please plan accordingly. Unfortunately because of these conditions, NO CAMPFIRES ARE PERMITTED.

All site residents over the age of 18 will be required to sign the waiver.

As per our refund/return policy, please note that no refunds to campsite reservations will be allowed after July 21st, 2017. All campsite reservation cancellation/refunds prior to July 21st 2017 are subject to a $50 processing fee.